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Kaltura Admin Tool - New Features 09/11/2020

Posted: 06:51:04, Friday, Sep 11, 2020   Expiration: 06:51:04, Friday, Sep 18, 2020  

Earlier this year, the Digital Learning Environment (DLE) deployed a custom "Kaltura Admin Tool" to allow designated campus staff to manage video media on behalf of other users without accessing the Kaltura Management Console (KMC). On 09/11/20, DLE Team updated the Kaltura Admin Tool so that it now displays media's upload/transcoding status and duration on the media search results.

UW-River Falls submitted a change request to modify Kaltura Admin Tools to include media uploading/transcoding status and duration in media search results.  The following screenshot shows how the two new fields appear in a media search:

Duration: The video length formatted in hours:minutes:seconds.

Status: This fields shows the current entry status.  Below is a table of statuses with their meaning and appropriate response.

NameValueMeaning / Response
ERROR_IMPORTING"-2"There was an error uploading the video.  Re-upload the video.
ERROR_CONVERTING"-1"Kaltura was unable to process the video.  The file is likely corrupt.  If you have the video source, use a tool like handbrake to encode the file to mp4. If it does not encode the file is bad.
IMPORT"0"The file is currently being uploaded or recorded.
PRECONVERT"1"Kaltura has received the file and is in the process of transcoding.  A Kaltura ticket should be created for entries over 24 hours old.
READY"2"Video is ready to be played
DELETED"3"The file has been deleted.  Entries may be restored for upto 30 days.  A Kaltura support ticket is required to restore deleted entries/
NO_CONTENT"7"The media entry has been created, Media has yet to be attached.  

For an overview of current functionality (and instructions on the use of) of the Kaltura Admin Tool, see the following:

  1.  Kaltura Admin Tool - Co-Publishing, Co-Editing, or Changing Owners
  2.  Kaltura Admin Tool - Downloading Source Video and Exporting Metadata
  3.  Kaltura Admin Tool - Getting Shortened URLs
  4.  Kaltura Admin Tool - Uploading on Behalf of an User

Access to the Kaltura Admin Tool is limited to authorized users. Campus Kaltura administrators determine who on their campus should have access to the Kaltura Admin Tool. Each institution's Kaltura administrators can request that access be given to a user by submitting a ticket to the UW Shared Services Help desk at helpdesk@uwss.wisconsin.edu and mentioning the "Kaltura Admin Tool."

-- UWSA DLE: Dale Johnson

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