Kaltura - Kaltura Admin Tool for Publishing on Behalf of an User

The Digital Learning Environment (DLE) has deployed a custom tool for Kaltura to allow designated campus staff to add themselves as Co-Publishers to another user's Kaltura media and embed that media in Canvas courses, all without credentials to Kaltura's administrator interface, the Kaltura Management Console (KMC).

Instructional designers, instructional technologists, and media specialists are often asked by instructors to verify that a video has loaded to the instructor's Kaltura account and then embed it into Canvas courses. Unfortunately, this would normally require access to the KMC, and only a small number of staff on each campus have KMC access. 

The tool grants Co-Publisher status, which allows a user to publish media to a course, but does not allow them to edit the video, change its ownership, or delete the video from Kaltura's servers.

The tool has been rolled out to existing campus Kaltura administrators with KMC access. These campus Kaltura administrators decide who else on their campus should have access. They can request access by submitting a ticket to the UW Shared Services Help desk at helpdesk@uwss.wisconsin.edu or through the webform and mentioning the "Kaltura Admin Tool for granting Co-Publisher access."

Using the Kaltura Admin Tool

1) Users who have been given access to the Kaltura Admin Tool will be notified of their enrollment into a course titled "Kaltura Tool." The notification will come via an email Course Invitation from Canvas and a notification at the top of each Canvas page. Click Get Started in the email notification or Accept Invitation in the popup at the top of the Canvas screen.

Canvas email Course Invitation with Get Started button.

Users will then see the "Kaltura Tool" course in their Canvas Courses page and their Canvas Dashboard (depending on Dashboard settings).

2) In the Kaltura Tool course, click on the Kaltura Tools page to open the Kaltura Admin Tool.

Kaltura Tools course with Kaltura Tool link highlighted.

3) At the Kaltura Admin Tool page, search for a user by typing their name, email address, or Canvas User ID into the User Search box and clicking Search.

Kaltura Admin Tool's "User Search" box with a name entered in the search box.

4) Possible users who match the search are displayed below the User Search box. 

Kaltura Admin Tool displaying five search results for the name "Ledwell."

5) If needed, use the additional Search box below to further refine your search.

Kaltura Admin Tool with an additional search parameter entered in the additional Search bar. One result found.

6) On the list of results, select a user account.

Kaltura Admin Tool with two search results. One search result selected.

7) This will display a list of all of the Kaltura videos owned by that user account and give the following information for each:
  • clickable video preview
  • EntryID
  • video title
  • description
  • tags
  • currently-enabled Co-Publishers for each video.

Kaltura Admin Tool page displaying list of videos owned by a sample user account.

This will allow you to determine if a particular video is associated with a user's account and verify that it uploaded correctly.

8) Once you're satisfied that you've selected the correct user account, click Add CoPub

Note: This will give your account Co-Publisher rights to all of the Kaltura Media owned by that user account.

Kaltura Admin Tool with the Add CoPub button highlighted.

9) Verify that you've been given Co-Publisher access by checking the entitledUsersPublish column in the search results.

Kaltua Admin Tool displaying a page of search results with the entitledUsersPublish field highlighted

You should now see the videos in your "My Media" in Canvas and Mediaspace

10) Now that you've confirmed Co-Publisher access to the user's media, open a separate Canvas window or tab and follow the instructions in the Kaltura - Inserting Videos in Canvas guide to add the requested videos into Canvas pages, assignments, discussions, etc.

If you own a lot of media, it can be helpful to filter your My Media page by going to Filters > Media I can Publish.

Kaltura My Media filters

This will display only the media you have Co-Publisher access for, not the media that you own.

11) Once you've inserted the videos into Canvas, go back into the Kaltura Admin Tool (see the steps above) and use the Remove CoPub button to remove your Co-Publisher access to the videos.

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