Canvas - Separating PeopleSoft Crosslisted Courses in Canvas

Sometimes courses have sections that have been combined in PeopleSoft that need to operate as separate course sections in Canvas. These procedures describe how a Canvas Institution Admin in the University of Wisconsin System instance of Canvas can separate course sections into unique course shells. The Canvas Institution Admin will create new course shells and crosslist each section to new course shells.

1. Determine the number of new course shells needed. 

Access the combined course shell in Canvas. Go to Settings > Sections to view the number of sections.

2. Create new course shells

a. Navigate to the sub-account [Campus Name] - Instructional SIS Courses. 
b. Click the +Course button and create a new course shell. 
c. Search for the course and then access it. Copy the digits at the end of the URL in your browser window.

3. Crosslist a section from the combined course to the new shell.

a. Navigate to the combined course shell referenced in step 1. Click Settings/Sections.
b. Click one of the section names. 
c. Click Cross-list this Section.
d. In the field Or Enter the Course's ID, enter the digits from the new course shell found in step 2c.
e. Click Crosslist this section.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each section from the combined course shell.