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The Piazza integration for Canvas has been approved for use in the Digital Learning Environment. Piazza is a new style of discussion/Q&A site with a focus on educational institutions. The integration adds a link to the course navigation for Piazza discussions, and auto-logs the user into the course discussions area. Piazza allows cross-course chat and documentation, and is particularly useful in data-centric and computer science courses. It works to some extent like a threaded chat forum, allowing instructors and students to ask and respond to questions. However, it goes well beyond mere chat, acting also like a wiki where answers can be made official. Students can easily see which questions have or don't have instructor answers, and they can add tags to questions and notes to make questions more searchable.



New Users:

Interested faculty and staff should contact their institutional admin if they are interested in using this tool.


Contact Piazza for instructions to obtain a consumer key and secret.



Security Information:

Privacy Policy:


The Digital Learning Environment external application vetting process does not replace campus or UW System Procurement processes and requirements.  Application approval by the DLE Team does not grant procurement authority.

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