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Canvas - Creating a Sandbox Course

Instructors can request additional blank, non-instructional, "sandbox" courses as needed. Sandbox courses can be used as test courses for course development, but are for development use only. You are unable to enroll students in a sandbox course.


In order to use the Sandbox Course creation tool, you must be enrolled in an existing course as a Teacher AND you must be accessing the Canvas dashboard using your institution specific link (see below).

In order to use the Sandbox Course creation tool, you must also be using a supported browser configured to allow cross-site cookies. Users using unsupported browsers or browsers configured to block cross-site cookies will see the following error: "Your browser is blocking session information. Please verify that you are using a supported browser and cross-site tracking is enabled."

Create your Sandbox Course

There is a self service form available inside of Canvas that can be accessed by any Teacher.
  1. Login to Canvas and load your Dashboard.
  2. Click on the Help icon on the Global Navigation bar.
  3. Select the Create a Sandbox Course menu option.
  4. Enter the Course Name, Course Code and choose the best Department for your course.
  5. Click on Create Course.
  6. Follow the link to access your new Sandbox course!


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