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Canvas - How to add/update PeopleSoft SIS academic organizations and corresponding Canvas Sub-Accounts

This document outlines how administrators can add academic orgs in the PeopleSoft Student Information System (SIS) and in Canvas. It provides troubleshooting tips when a new academic organization fails to appear in the bulk transfer file from the PeopleSoft SIS Student Administration Integration Pack (SAIP) process.

When academic orgs are added or updated, there are steps to complete in the SIS and in Canvas.

  1. The Registrar adds/updates the academic organization in the SIS following PeopleSoft Documentation on how to add/update an academic org.
  2. The PeopleSoft Admin adds the academic org to the target defaults page in the SAIP setup in PeopleSoft so the courses in the new/updated academic org are included in the integration to Canvas (Set Up SACR > Product Related > SA Integration Pack > Default Targets > Academic Organizations).
  3. The Canvas admin adds the org in Canvas as a subaccount.
  4. The Canvas admin contacts UW System Canvas support with the academic org code from PeopleSoft so it can be added as the SIS ID in Canvas associated with the subaccount.

If the update is only a name change for an existing academic org, then the Registrar can update the name in the SIS and the Canvas admin can update the name in Canvas. In this situation, the code for the academic org does not change which does not change the information used for integration, so the SAIP target in PeopleSoft and the SIS ID in Canvas do not require updates.

Trouble Shooting Tips

If the files files generated from PeopleSoft SIS do not contain the courses for the new or updated academic org, then the following situation may have caused the issue:

  • The target ID was not added to the new Academic Organization.
  • The target ID must be associated with the Academic Organization in order to include the new academic organization and any courses in that organization in the bulk data exchange process.


To implement the solution, please execute the following steps:

  1. Go into the responsibility: Campus Solutions.
  2. Navigate to Set Up SACR > Product Related > SA Integration Pack > Default Targets > Academic Organizations
  3. Search for the new Academic Organization and check if the target is added to the Academic Organization. If no target is added, add the target and save the page.
  4. Rerun the bulk data exchange and the new academic organization and classes should be included in the xml files.

See documentation from Oracle for more information.

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