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Canvas - Personal Pronoun Options [upcoming]

Posted: 15:04:26, Wednesday, Mar 17, 2021   Expiration: 15:04:26, Tuesday, Mar 30, 2021  

On 03/23/21, the Digital Learning Environment will expand the list of personal pronouns which University of Wisconsin System (except for UW Madison) users can associate with their Canvas user accounts.

To see how to set personal pronouns for your Canvas user account and where those personal pronouns display in Canvas, see Instructure's How do I select personal pronouns in my user account as a student? guide.

The Personal Pronouns feature has been available (with a limited set of options) in the DLE instance of Canvas since the feature was introduced in January 2020. The change on 03/23/21 will add additional options, expanding the list to:

  • None
  • Any pronouns
  • Use my name
  • Ask me privately
  • Ae/aer
  • Ey/em
  • He/him
  • He or they
  • Per/pers
  • She/her
  • She or they
  • They/Them
  • Ve/ver
  • Xe/xem
  • Ze/hir
  • Zie/zir

-- UWSA DLE: Thomas Arendalkowski

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