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Kaltura (Bugfix) - Kaltura Admin Tool

Posted: 13:44:03, Friday, Feb 26, 2021   Expiration: 13:44:03, Friday, Mar 5, 2021  

On 02/26/2021, the UWSA Digital Learning Environment team implemented changes to the custom Kaltura Admin Tool in order to resolve two issues: 1) an error preventing the Kaltura Admin Tool from making changes to more than one Kaltura video at a time 2) a media refresh error causing the grid to blank out after making changes. Testing indicates that normal operation of the Kaltura Admin Tool has been restored.

The multiselect error was originally reported here: Kaltura (Known Issue) - Kaltura Admin Tool multiselect error

About the Kaltura Admin Tool

The Kaltura Admin Tool is a custom tool available to select Kaltura administrators in the University of Wisconsin System (excluding UW Madison). For more information, see: Kaltura Admin Tool - Co-Publishing, Co-Editing, or Changing Owners. 

-- UWSA DLE: Thomas Arendalkowski

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