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Kaltura - Admin Tool for Publishing on Behalf of an User

Posted: 12:06:30, Thursday, Mar 26, 2020   Expiration: 12:06:30, Thursday, Apr 2, 2020  

The Digital Learning Environment (DLE) has deployed a custom tool for Kaltura to allow designated campus staff to add themselves as Co-Publishers to another user's Kaltura media and embed that media in Canvas courses, all without credentials to Kaltura's administrator interface, the Kaltura Management Console (KMC).

Instructional designers, instructional technologists, and media specialists are often asked by instructors to verify that a video has loaded to the instructor's Kaltura account and then embed it into Canvas courses. This would normally require access to the KMC, and only a small number of staff on each campus have KMC access. The new tool will assist technologists in getting access to users' media.

Existing Kaltura administrators will receive a course invite to the tool. The Kaltura working group will be determining how access will be governed for the tool at the next workgroup meeting. In the meantime, if designers/technologists would like access to the tool, they may contact helpdesk@uwss.wisconsin.edu.

More information on the tool can be found at  https://kb.wisconsin.edu/dle/99499

-- UWSA DLE: Dale Johnson

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