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Canvas (PeopleSoft) - PeopleSoft SAIP does not trigger event message when instructors are changed unless the add/remove functionality is used

This article is for PeopleSoft administrators from University of Wisconsin institutions participating in the Digital Learning Environment (DLE). PeopleSoft administrators have reported that instructor change information is not correctly passed to Canvas if an instructor's name is simply typed over in PeopleSoft. The add/remove function must be used instead.
There are 2 ways to replace an instructor in PeopleSoft. One is to use the add/remove functionality and the other is to type over the instructor and save. Using the type over and save, no event message is triggered. SAIP sends a replaceMembership event with the new ID when the update is made, and then subsequent bulk runs only have the new ID, so Kimono is never getting an explicit delete request for the old ID. 

This case was reported to Oracle. As of 09/14/18 Oracle engineers could recreate the issue and now it is in development Bug ID 28650767 - OVERWRITING EXISTING INSTRUCTOR DOES NOT SEND A DELETEMEMBERSHIP MESSAGE. Oracle has a release for the bug identified - Dev has targeted the bug associated with this service request to PI14 (July 2019).

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