Kaltura - Groups

Groups may be used to manage Kaltura media, channels, and categories for users within the Digital Learning Environment.

What is a Group?

A group is a single manageable entity that represents a collection of users. Technically, a group is a unique type of user that can have individual users as part of it.

Groups can can own media and be assigned to a category/channel just like users can. 

After a group is assigned to a category or a piece of media, all the individual users in the group inherit the permission of the group. For example, if the group is assigned as the owner of a piece of media, then all users in the group will be treated as if they own that media too.

How are Groups named?

Following the fixed / flex model, all group names will begin with "UW-" + CAMPUS IDENTIFIER + "-G-' and appended with a campus description.  For Instance UWMIL-G-SysAdmin is a example group name.

How are Groups created / managed? 

Groups are managed centrally by the University of Wisconsin System Kaltura root administrators.  If you would like request a group or change membership, complete one of the following forms:

How do you use a Group?

A common use case for groups is for media that should be owned and managed by an organization rather than an individual, such as:
  • instructional video designed to be used across all English 101 sections rather than in one instructor's courses
  • marketing videos produced by University Communications rather than an individual staff member
  • technology orientation videos managed by a Center for Teaching rather than an individual instructional designer
In each of these cases, assigning ownership of a video to a group rather than an individual user allows any member of the group to:

How do you see the media that your Groups own?

When a user goes to My Media (Canvas > Account > My Media), Kaltura automatically displays all of the media that the user individually owns and all of the media owned by any of that user's Groups. If a user wants to focus on just the media that their Groups own, the user can go to FiltersOwnership > Media my Group Owns

My Media menus with Filters and "Media my Group Owns" selected.

This will display all of the media owned by any of that user's Groups.

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