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Canvas (Root Administrators) - Restore Deleted Users

If users drop their only course, they will be deleted in Canvas during the overnight SIS data import with Kimono. In order to preserve the user's account history, an UWSA-level root administrator needs to restore deleted accounts.
  1. Go to the UWSA instructional instance of Canvas.
  2. Go to Admin > UWSA Wisconsin > Settings > Reports.
  3.  On the right of the Provisioning report line, click Configure.
  4. On the Configure Report pop-up, check Users CSV and Include Deleted Objects.
  5. Click Run Report.
  6. Refresh the page to view completed report.
  7. Click the download button on the Provisioning report line next to the details about when it was run.
  8. Open the downloaded CSV file in Excel.
  9. In Excel's Data menu, click Filter.
  10. Click the drop-down in the "Status" column and display the deleted users.
  11. In the "login_id column," add text filters for Does Not Contain with the text of Bad and Does Not Contain with the text of Deleted.
  12. Copy the worksheet and paste it on a new sheet in the file.
  13. In the new sheet, go to the Data menu and click Filter.
  14. In the "login_id" column, add the text filter for Does Not Contain with the text of INST.
  15. Delete the row containing the user with the user_id that includes the word deleted.
  16. Copy the remaining names into a new spreadsheet.
  17. In the "status" column, change the users from deleted to active.
  18. Save the spreadsheet as restoreusers[date].csv with the type of CSV (MS-DOS).
  19. Back in Canvas, go to Admin > UWSA Wisconsin Settings > SIS Import.
  20. Choose the file and click Process Data. IMPORTANT: THE 'This is a full batch update" and "Override UI changes" BUTTONS SHOULD REMAIN UNCHECKED.

Note: If you receive an error message that the user ID already exists, this means that the user has logged in after being deleted and the system has created a new Canvas account. Search Admin > UWSA Wisconsin People for the user and edit the email address and SIS ID to include the word bad and go back to Step #19 to re-import the file with only that user in it. This will restore SIS enrolled courses but not manual enrollments.

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