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The Tevera integration is approved for use in the Universities of Wisconsin (except for UW Madison) instance of Canvas. Tevera is a software platform that streamlines clinical education by managing clinical placements, assessments, and communication, offering tools for scheduling, tracking, and evaluation, ultimately enhancing the learning experience for students in healthcare and education professions.

Tevera serves as a centralized hub for clinical education programs, allowing administrators, faculty members, and students to collaborate and access relevant information. The platform offers features such as scheduling, tracking, and communication capabilities, which enable efficient management of clinical rotations and placements. It helps administrators match students with appropriate clinical sites, monitor their progress, and ensure compliance with program requirements.

Tevera also includes assessment and evaluation tools that enable educators to create and administer various types of assessments, such as competency-based evaluations, clinical skills checklists, and reflective journals. These assessment tools help track students' performance, identify areas for improvement, and provide constructive feedback to enhance their learning experience.


There are institution costs associated with using this tool.




  • Tevera Support - Contact Us Form
  • Student Support - When using Tevera there is a help option in the upper right of the system. The Student Support button on their homepage currently leads to a missing page message.

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The Digital Learning Environment external application integration vetting process does not replace campus or Universities of Wisconsin Procurement processes and requirements.  Integration approval by the DLE Team does not grant procurement authority.

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