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1 **** Get Help from DoIT
1DoIT Help Desk2021-01-191156307
2 KB User's Guide - Stats Tab - Overview of Links
134KB User's Guide2020-01-1326574
3 KB User's Guide - Stats Tab - Docs by Helpfulness Link and Scores
24410KB User's Guide2019-05-1814175
4 gMegaFlow: demystifying port stats
39359Network Services2014-06-092096
5 WiscWeb - WordPress UW Theme - Google Analytics Not Tracking Stats for Protected Site or Pages
88838WiscWeb CMS2020-02-251360
6 KB User's Guide - Stats Tab - Document Views by User
22314KB User's Guide2019-12-0912828
7 KB User's Guide - Stats Tab - Doc Upkeep All Groups
36809KB User's Guide2018-05-309284
8 UW-Madison Qualtrics - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Known Issues
9 Web Hosting - Web Usage Statistics
30004DoIT Web Hosting2019-05-0610499
10 KB User's Guide - Users Tab - Adding a User
5338KB User's Guide2020-06-2424851
11 Port Use Auditor
107467Network Services2020-12-01129
12 Kaltura - MediaSpace media entry analytics (UW-Madison)
13 AEFIS - Eval Results - Viewing Survey Response Rates and Results (Instructor)
14 Kaltura - Reviewing analytics in MediaSpace channels (UW-Madison)
15 Web Hosting - Quota Allocation and Resource Usage
29525DoIT Web Hosting2020-10-073663
16 KB User's Guide - Training - Basic Administrator Training
15358KB User's Guide2019-12-0911007
17 Web Hosting - Log File Access
29537DoIT Web Hosting2019-04-226297
18 KB User's Guide - SitePref Tab - Google Analytics
52175KB User's Guide2018-07-2412097
19 NextGen migrated & what needs to migrate
57532Network Services2017-11-061515
20 AEFIS - Eval Survey Template - Creating Survey Metrics (Admin)

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