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1 **** AEFIS - Getting Started with Online Course Evaluations (Admin)
64150Learn@UW Mad2019-03-0714064
2 TAM - Review Applicant Interview Schedules and Evaluations
20150HRS KB2019-01-233923
3 ASA Document 048. Revisions to ASA Chapter 4 (Performance Evaluations), Personnel Policies and Procedures Committee, 3-12-90
33490Office of the Secretary/ Academic Staff2014-06-19942
4 AEFIS - Frequently Asked Questions (Student)
81069Learn@UW Mad2018-10-091528
5 AEFIS - Frequently Asked Questions (Instructor)
81158Learn@UW Mad2018-05-011644
6 L&S Policy for Evaluating Short-Term Instructional Academic Staff
7 AEFIS - Creating a New Survey Schedule (Admin)
82011Learn@UW Mad2019-03-28778
8 TAM - Sending Interview Evaluation Reminders
20371HRS KB2018-12-203924
9 AEFIS - Creating and Editing Questions (Instructor)
81393Learn@UW Mad2019-04-112363
10 AEFIS - Frequently Asked Questions (UW-Madison)
49130Learn@UW Mad2019-01-307137
11 AEFIS - Adding Course Section Specific Questions (Admin)
84704Learn@UW Mad2019-01-25566
12 AEFIS - Creating Course Section Questions (Admin)
81588Learn@UW Mad2019-01-25602
13 TAM - Complete an Interview Evaluation
20053HRS KB2018-06-275334
14 AEFIS - Viewing Survey Participants (Admin)
81999Learn@UW Mad2018-05-03978
15 AEFIS - Viewing Survey Results (Instructor)
81439Learn@UW Mad2018-05-012607
16 Scholarships@UW-Madison - Evaluator Help & FAQ
16790Wisconsin Scholarship Hub 2017-05-043884
17 Performance Management for Managers and Supervisors
49583HR Policies2019-03-2517249
18 AEFIS - Sending a Course Evaluation to External Students (Admin)
90312Learn@UW Mad2019-03-1290
19 Testing and Evaluation Services
10205Campus and Visitor Relations2019-02-043900
20 SSL / TLS Certificates and Configuration: Evaluating the State of your Web Server [Campus login required]
56928ERP Security2018-12-171

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