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1 **** Technology for working remotely
98878DoIT Communications KB2020-09-0116259
2 *** Cisco VoIP - Basic Troubleshooting for Desk Phones
78339Voice Services2019-09-236015
3 *** KB User's Guide - Available APIs
71945KB User's Guide2017-03-2211176
4 Tips for Dealing with Spam Calls
90856Voice Services2020-05-08993
5 Cisco VoIP - Answering/placing calls in Jabber (Windows/Mac)
72544Voice Services2018-09-278629
6 Cisco VoIP - Recent Calls
76071Voice Services2020-09-031603
7 Voice/Telephone Services (Centrex) - Options for Forwarding Calls
12853Voice Services2019-05-239267
8 Cisco VoIP - Forwarding calls in Jabber (Windows/Mac)
79870Voice Services2018-09-2712424
9 Cisco VoIP - Forward Calls on desktop phone telephone (7841/8851)
76024Voice Services2018-09-2710379
10 Cisco VoIP - Answer Calls/Do Not Disturb Mode on a desktop telephone (7841/8851)
76012Voice Services2018-09-276986
11 Cisco VoIP - Conference Calls/3-Way calling on a desktop telephone phone (7851/8851)
76032Voice Services2020-09-036172
12 Cisco VoIP - Hold calls on desktop telephone (7841/8851)
76022Voice Services2018-09-272998
13 Cisco VoIP - Making calls from a Cisco desktop telephone (7841/8851)
76009Voice Services2020-09-032256
14 WiscIT - Using HelpOnline to create a ticket, log a call, add notes to a call, and review past calls
11828DoIT Help Desk2020-02-1249964
15 Cisco VoIP - Transferring calls in Jabber (Windows/Mac)
79871Voice Services2018-09-2710535
16 Voice/Telephone Services (Centrex) - Forwarding Calls
6794Voice Services2018-05-0139128
17 Cisco VoIP - Making conference calls in Jabber (Windows)
79867Voice Services2020-07-0118954
18 Cisco VoIP - Park calls on desktop telephone (7841/8851)
78979Voice Services2018-09-272916
19 Cisco VoIP - Viewing call history in Jabber (Windows/Mac)
72548Voice Services2020-04-024361
20 Cisco VoIP - Jabber communication options (Windows/Mac)
72841Voice Services2020-03-3112613

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