Advanced Content Authoring and Reporting - Manually pushing a grade from Pressbooks to the Canvas gradebook and setting up auto-sync [UW-Madison]

Pressbooks can be used to author and host basic course content with interactivity as well as more advanced content authoring and reporting (ACAR) features (such as H5P activities, annotations and reporting).

If you're interested in these advanced content authoring and reporting features, we highly recommended requesting a consultation from the Learn@UW-Madison team to help you get started.

This document describes includes directions for how an instructor can manually push a grade from a Pressbooks assignment to the Canvas gradebook or set up an auto grade sync to the Canvas gradebook every 30 minutes.

Your Pressbooks module(s) must be properly configured as described in Advanced Content Authoring and Reporting - Getting Started with Pressbooks to author interactive modules [UW-Madison]  to push grades from a Pressbooks module to the Canvas gradebook. If you need assistance, please reach out to the DoIT Help Desk to request a Pressbooks consultation.

Manually pushing a grade from Pressbooks to the Canvas gradebook

  1. Log in to Pressbooks:

  2. From your Pressbook dashboard, click on the chapter of your book that you want to send a grade from.

  3. Make sure the ACAR Chapter Configurationsection is properly configured for your course. Specifically, confirm the following:
    1. The correct Canvas Course URL has been entered..
    2. The correct Beginning Date and Ending Date for the range of submissions you want to process has been entered. 
    3. The correct Grading Scheme (Best Attempt, First Attempt, Last Attempt, or Average Attempt) has been chosen from the drop-down menu. 
    4. The correct H5P ID values have been entered. H5P ID values must be manually entered.

  4. After confirming your chapter is configured properly, click the Send Grades to LMS button:

  5. The ACAR Chapter Configuration will update and show what was reported back to the Canvas gradebook. This includes the student's email address, when they started and completed the assignment, and their overall score.
    A screenshot from Pressbooks showing the "ACAR Chapter Configuration" report. The report shows data for "Student", "Started", "Completed", and

Enabling auto-sync to the Canvas gradebook

  1. If you would like the grades to be sent to Canvas every half-hour, you must first globally enable auto grade sync in the WiscH5PLTI Settings. Please reach out to the DoIT Help Desk and request a consultation with Learn@UW-Madison to get the Canvas API token. Make sure to click Save Changes before navigating away from this page.

  2. Next, in the Pressbooks chapter, ensure the ACAR Chapter Configuration is properly configured for your course and select the checkbox for Auto-Sync enabled:

  3. Click the Save button on the right hand side of the page to save the Auto-Sync setting.

  4. Grades for every student, regardless of if there have been any changes to their score, are auto-synced every 30 minutes. To check that grades are being properly auto-synced to the Canvas gradebook, you can access the H5P Grade Sync Logs from the left hand navigation bar.


  1. If you are not seeing the students you would expect in Step 7 above, double check to see that you have the Beginning Date and Ending Date set correctly. Make sure the end date is set for the day after the last grade you would expect.
  2. If you have found your auto-grade sync settings did not save, set them again and make sure you click the Save button in Pressbooks. Users will sometimes forget this step.
If you would like to request reports with more detailed information on student use of your module, or if you are a local learning technology consultant that would like to produce these reports, please see Advanced Content Authoring and Reporting - Requesting Student Activity Data From Pressbooks [UW-Madison] .

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