AEFIS - Eval Survey Instance - Assigning Course Sections to a Survey (Admin)

Each semester, AEFIS administrators must assign course sections to their departmental surveys. Surveys will not be distributed unless sections are assigned.

Navigating to a Survey

  1. Log into AEFIS with your NetID credentials.
  2. Select the Menu button (three stacked lines commonly called the hamburger menu) on the left side of the page to open the AEFIS main menu.
    AEFIS Menu Icon

  3. Under the Surveys header, select Surveys

  4. The Available Surveys page lists all of the surveys you administer. Find your survey and select Manage on the right side of the page.
    Manage is in the right column under Actions

You should now be at the home page for your Survey instance. 

Assigning Course Sections

  1. Select Assigned Courses from the left navigation bar of the Survey instance page.
    Assigned Courses
  2. Click the + Assign button to the right of the course section(s) that should receive the survey OR click the white box on the left to select the sections to assign. Note: If using the check box, you have to choose the blue Add/Remove courses button on the top right to finish the assign and it must be complete for each page.
    Assign button
  3. A check mark will appear next to the course sections, and the Assign button will switch to saying Remove. At this point, the course section has been successfully assigned to the survey. You do not have to save the page.
    Check mark and Remove button
    Eventually, that black circle with white a check mark will turn into a green circle with white a check mark.
  4. If you need to exclude an instructor(s), see AEFIS - Eval Survey Instance - Excluding Instructors from Questions (Admin).

Special Circumstances for Course Assignment

Managing Cross-Listed Course Sections

Each time a cross-listed course is entered into SIS, one section is identified as the master. The other course sections are referred to as child or linked sections. These linked sections may belong to different departments, or entirely different schools or colleges, than the master.

When conducting AEFIS course evaluations, the department that owns the master section should issue the evaluation for all cross-linked courses (the master and each linked section). Therefore, the department, college or school that owns the linked sections should not be assigning those linked sections to any AEFIS survey instance (unless prior arrangements have been made). All results are aggregated and pulled into the master section. 

Meets With Course Sections

Meets With courses are not linked in AEFIS. For meets with courses, each course section must be assigned a to survey by its own department. 

If your course section meets with a section in another department, but you would like to assign them the same survey, a duplicate survey must be created by the corresponding department's administrator. 

Differentiating between Master and Linked course sections

On the AEFIS Assign Courses page, master course sections are marked with a chain-link icon annotated with a red square containing a number. The number denotes how many course sections are linked to this master course.

Chain link with red label

  • Hover the mouse pointer over an annotated chain-link icon, to view the course name, number, and section number of every linked course section in an itemized window.

master with label

Linked sections are marked with the non-annotated chain-link icon (without a red numbered square).

plain chain icon

  • Hover the mouse pointer over the non-annotated chain-link icon, to view the course name, number, and section number of the master course section in an itemized window.

Master course link

To assign the master course section, and all the linked cross-listed section:
  1. Locate the chain-link icon with the red square.
  2. Click on the +Assign button (as described above).

By assigning this master course, AEFIS will automatically assign all the linked courses.

If another department has already assigned a survey to your section, you will receive an error message, to either proceed or quit the action. If you select Yes, Assign Courses, students in that section will receive two AEFIS course evaluations for the same section. We strongly discourage doing assigning it twice. If you are the master course section department, reach out to the linked course department telling them to unassign.  

You have selected a course currently being surveyed. Would you like to continue?

Excluding Instructors

See AEFIS - Eval Survey Instance - Excluding Instructors from Questions (Admin).

Confirming Course Assignment

After assigning course sections to a survey, AEFIS administrators are encouraged to run the Course Survey Assignment Audit to confirm that they haven't missed anything.

Adding Questions to Section

Screenshot highlighting the #questions field, found under Available Course Assignments

To view the number of questions assigned to a course section, refer to the #Questions field (found under Survey Instance>Assigned Courses.) This field usually is populated with zeroes, because it refers to the number of questions the instructor has added to the course section which will be added to this instance, rather than the number of questions actually in the survey. See AEFIS - Eval Survey Instance - Assigning Course Sections to a Survey (Admin) to add questions to this section.

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