Cisco VoIP Request Forms

The document describes how to request new lines, changes to existing lines or accounts or removal of lines in the Cisco VoIP system.

Only Authorized Users may submit other requests. If you need to become an authorized user, please see Gaining Access to Place Telecom Orders and to View Telephone Activity Reports

To request a new phone line/account, a change or move to an existing phone line/account, or the removal of a phone line/account in the Cisco VoIP system please use the following links to submit the request. These requests will be sent to the Network Applications team through WiscIT powered by Cherwell, our ticket management software. To check on the status of a request, use HelpOnline. Please note that in order to view on HelpOnline, you must use your correct NetID in the form.

Things to Consider:

  • ALL Cisco and Jabber equipment must be purchased through the Shop@UW+ before a request is submitted. Please note other brands of equipment are not supported. Equipment cannot be purchased through the Cisco VoIP team and accounts will not be created unless the equipment has already been purchased. Cisco VoIP - Identifying Cisco Phones, Headsets and Misc Accessories
    • Login to ShopUW+
    • Select IT Supplies from the Guided Buying section
    • Select MDS Warehouse MDS Corestock under IT Suppliers section
    • Search "VoIP" in the search text box
  • You will need the MAC address of the desktop phone to complete the request. To find a MAC address, see Cisco VoIP - How to find a MAC address  
  • Once you have a Jabber/Webex account, you may download the software or have your IT staff install it. Cisco VoIP - Jabber Software Installation for Computers
  • Turnaround time for these requests is 2 weeks if the request is for a number that already exists in the Cisco VoIP system and you have an active data jack.
  • Please do not bookmark links to each individual form; link to this page instead. These links will change as we update forms.
  • The forms are powered by Qualtrics. If there is a Qualtrics outage, the forms will not work. Please check the outage page. If there is an outage, you must wait to submit your ticket until the outage is resolved.

New Line Request

A new line request is when a department wants a new Cisco VoIP phone number that is currently not in use on any system. Examples would be new employees, adding a phone to a conference room, adding an additional phone to an office, etc. These requests will receive an available phone number from the University's pool of spare phone numbers. If a request is to move or change a specific phone line that is currently in use then that should be submitted as a line change request (see below).

Change Request

A change is a modification to an existing phone line or telephone. Examples would be when one employee retires and someone else is hired to replace them and will use the same phone line when a customer is moving offices or buildings, when an employee changes name, call routing changes, voicemail changes, or any other change not covered by another form.

Jabber/Webex (Softphone) Request

This form is for users that already have a telephone or only need a softphone account for the desktop, iPhone and/or Android be created for them. Please note that Jabber/Webex calling accounts must be assigned to a person rather than role or service account. If you already have a telephone number assigned to you, you do not need your authorized agent to submit this on your behalf; you may submit the request yourself. Jabber and Webex use the same profile. There is no need to request Webex app calling if you already have Jabber or vice versa.

Remove User Request

This form is a request to remove a user from the Cisco VoIP system.  The phone number associated with this user will be removed from any phone (including Jabber/Webex) and added to the spare number list.  The number will be held in the spare number list for six months and the department may request to reuse the number within that time.  If there is a voicemail box associated with this line it will be deleted.  Please submit separate forms for each account that needs changes.

Please use the Change Request form if you would like to remove a line from a telephone but still retain the phone number.

Sidecar Changes

This form is to be used for changes to the Cisco 8851 Sidecar (Expansion Module). All fields on the form are required. Missing information will lead to delays in your request completion. Please fill out the spreadsheet below and email the form to 

Sidecar Update Template

Large Moves/Changes

This form is to be used for changes that impact 5 or more lines. Please follow the instructions on the form. Missing information will lead to delays in your request completion. Please fill out the spreadsheet below and email the form to 

VoIP Large Moves & Changes Template

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