Mapping Your CAE Network Drive

Instructions for mapping your CAE network drive

When you are in a CAE Windows lab, your files can be found on your I drive. In CAE Linux labs, this same space will be your default home directory.

These instructions help you access your files from computers outside CAE labs. 
**Note you can only reach your network drive from any UW-Madison campus wireless network, or the Engineering or WiscVPN. Details on how to connect to the Engineering VPN here: Installing and Connecting to VPN. If you have not yet activated your Engineering VPN, please follow the instructions here: Activating VPN Access**

How to map your CAE home directory

  • Windows

  1. Open "File Explorer" (Folder Icon in taskbar, otherwise under start menu)

file explorer

2. Right Click "This PC" on the sidebar and click "Map network drive"

3. In "Drive:" enter any available letter

4. In "Folder:" enter \\\[login_name_first_initial]\[login_name].  (For example, for the account johndoe, the path is \\\j\johndoe.) 
    Please check the "Connect using different credentials" box to make sure you can sign in with your CAE credentials.  If you only want to have to do this once, choose the checkbox "Reconnect at sign-in."

5. When prompted for your login name and password, be sure to use your CAE login, with the ENGR domain specified before. It should look like: ENGR\johndoe

6. Click "Finish."

  • MacOS X

  1. From Finder, press Command+K
  2. Enter the path to your directory:[login_name_first_initial]/[login_name]
  3. Click "Connect"
  4. Enter your CAE login and password, with the ENGR domain specified, e.g. ENGR\johndoe, and click "OK"
  5. The drive is now mounted, however it will disappear when you reboot. To enable persistence do the following:
  6. Go to System Preferences from the Apple menu
  7. Click on "Accounts" then "Login Items"
  8. Click the + button to add another login item
  9. Locate the CAE drive you just added, and select "Add"
  10. Exit out of system preferences

You can see how much disk space you have available, and view a detailed analysis of the files in your Unix/Windows home directory, on the CAE My Account page under "Disk Space".

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