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This document will discuss the Inactive document.

Inactive Document Queue

To see documents with the status of Inactive, go to the Documents Tab > Inactive link (see the navigation bar on the left). The integer within the parentheses represents the number of documents in that status.

The Inactive tab is selected in the left sidebar.

This link will lead you to the Inactive Documents screen. To see all of the options in the below attachment, click the Show advanced options link next to the Go button. You may use the filters (such as Find, Search term, Topic, etc.) to narrow down the exact set of Inactive Documents you wish to see. This link provides more information about these Search filters.

The Inactive Documents page. The Status dropdown shows Inactive and is circled in red.

Deactivating a Document

Documents can be deactived in one of two ways:

By setting a document the status to Inactive, all Internal and or External SiteAccess will be removed. The image below shows the Inactive radio button (on the far right) that is enabled.

The Status options on the document edit screen. Inactive has been selected.

You can see exactly who deactivated a document by clicking on the triangle next to Show comments and events at the bottom of each document. Upon clicking on the triangle, it will change to Hide comments and events and show the Comments and Events table.

The comments table on the document edit screen. The Event / Comment column says "Updated / set to Inactive for KB User's Guide".

The Expired Inactive Document

An Inactive document can also be Expired. After the document is set to the status of Inactive, the Expiration date stays intact. Should the Expiration Date pass in an Inactive document, it will be marked as "[Expired]". 

A document that is both expired and inactive. The Expired tag and Inactive status are circled in red.

If you look at the Document Information Table (found at the bottom of the document), you will see the Expiration date of the document is in red and bolded. The SiteStatus is blank to show that it is Inactive.

The document information table. Expiration and Site Status are circled in red.

Reactivating an Inactive Document

With the appropriate KB permissions, you may reactivate a document that has a status of Inactive. All you have to do is make the appropriate updates to the Body and/or other parts of the of the document, et your desired SiteAccess, then select the status of Active and click on the Submit button.

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