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KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - TinyMCE Shorthand Codes

This document explains how to use shorthand codes in the TinyMCE editor to quickly insert LinkDocs, IncludeDocs, and attachments, or to look up users.

TinyMCE, the newest KB editor, has a few shortcuts for features you may be using frequently. In order to use the shorthand tags, type the shorthand tag immediately followed by the text required for it. The shorthand tags available are as follows.

LinkDoc (#)

To use the link doc shorthand, first, type the # character, immediately followed by a document ID number. You should see a small pop up like this: 

Image of "#1" entered in the body field with a dropdown menu containing the option to insert a LinkDoc for document 1

Press Enter or choose the desired document from the drop-down after entering the ID of the document you wish to link. A link to the document will appear where the cursor is. The link text will be the current title of the selected document.

IncludeDoc (^)

After typing the ^ character, type the ID of the document you wish to include, and either press Enter or choose the desired document from the drop-down that appears. 

Image showing ^1 entered into the body with a dropdown below containing an option to enter an IncludeDoc for document 1

The shorthand uses a DIV tag, as a SPAN tag would not be apropriate the majority of the time.
For more information on the IncludeDoc feature, please see  KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - IncludeDoc and Dynamic Web Page Content.

Insert Attachment ([)

To use the attachment shorthand tool, type the [ character, and begin typing the name of the file you would like to insert. A menu will pop up containing every attachment available to the doc. Use the arrow keys to scroll up and down the list to find the attachment you want, then select it to insert it into the doc. As you type additional letters, matching items will be highlighted. 

Image showing "[j" entered into the body with a dropdown showing a number of available attachment files, where the letter "j" is bolded in file names

User Lookup (@)

to look up users in the KB, type the @ character, then start typing the name of the user you need to look up. A list of suggestions will pop up based on what you typed. If you select a name, a "mailto:" link will be inserted, with the user's name and email as the link text. 

You may also search "@publish" to display a list of all users with publish rights in your KB group space.

user search syntax and pop up

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