KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - Quick Edit Buttons

This document describes how to use the quick edit buttons found in the Documents tab and the Internal Live KB Site.

KB Admin Tools: Quick Edit Button

The "quick edit" button allows authors to jump directly into the the document editor for a given document without having to view the document review screen first. To get to this button:

    1. Begin by logging into the KB Admin Tools.

    2. Click on the Documents tab.

    3. The Documents tab will lead to a document queue and displays a table sortable by various criteria. One of the columns in the table is labeled Edit. (see red arrow in image in item 4).

      For detailed instructions on how to use the search fields and links to look through available documents, please see KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - Searching for Documents.

    4. Click the Edit button To access the document editor for a given document, 

      Note: For more details about the Design (WYSIWYG) Editor and/ or the HTML editor, please review KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - Quick Edit Buttons

      quick edit button on Active documents queue

  1. You will be taken directly into the document editor for the document in question.

    However, if your site requires that review comments be added before making changes to documents and you attempt to access the quick edit button, you will be taken to the screen below:

    Require review pop up message

    You can access the document review screen by clicking the link.

Internal Live Site: "Quick Edit" Button

  1. When you are the viewing a document from the Internal Live KB Site, a quick edit button will appear on the document itself underneath the document title (the image below shows the edit this page button inside a red arrow). This button functions just like the one on the Documents tab.

    *Note that if your site does not have the internal site enabled, this button will not be available to you.

    Edit this page button on the live site (next to Show changes button).

  2. KB Site admins can hide this button, if they wish.

    a. Navigate to your KB Site's Group Space Options table. Navigation: KB Admin Tools > SitePref tab > Group Spaces link > Quick Edit button on line 1 of the table > Group Options table

    b. Scroll down the to the middle of the Groups Space Options screen to the Show edit this page link.

    KB Admins may update this field from the defaulted For all users with access to edit this document to:

    • For document owner and admins with Publish rights
    • For document owner only
    • Do not show this link

    The image below has a red arrow pointing to the Show edit this page link field on the Group Space Options table.


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