KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - Shared-private (Privately Shared Docs)

Privately shared documents can give people who do not have access to an internal site temporary access to one or many internal KB documents.

A "Shared-private" function allows you to share KB documents with relevant people who do not have internal site access. A private share (with its own URL) can be created for any document a group owns, as long the person creating the share is a group admin or the owner of the document.

Private share links can be configured for documents in a "draft" status, i.e. docs set to In Progress or In Review, as well as those that are Active.

To create a private share:

  1. Go to KB Admin Tools > Documents tab > Shared-private (link on the left navigation menu).
  2. On the Privately Shared Documents form, enter a valid document ID, select the appropriate Doc Status, change the Share (token) key string and/or Share Expiration date if desired. In the image below, you will see the auto generated Share Key of abybename$.
  3. Click the Add/update button.

Once a share is successfully created, it will appear beneath the form on the same screen, in a list with all other privately shared documents. This list can be sorted by document ID, title, expiration time, shared by, or creation time. The list provides the URLs at which each shared document can be seen. In the image below, you will see the code, abybename$, at the very end of the url.


A private share becomes inactive when it expires or when the document itself is inactive or unavailable. An invalid share is marked with red/grey colors in the list of shared documents. Group admins and document owners may delete a share at any time. The image below shows the Document ID field and the Share Expiration date both in red. The Share URL link is grayed out and inaccessible.


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