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KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - Editing When Review Comments Are Required

This document describes the steps authors need to take when their KB group requires review comments to edit documents.

How to tell if comments are required in your group space

There are two ways to tell if comments are required when viewing documents in the KB Admin Tools.

  • First, the Edit button will be missing from the row of document action buttons if a document has a single status of Active.

    The row of action buttons below the document ID heading only contains four options: Mark as reviewed, Save as..., See revisions, and View source

    This is because you must interact with the comment form at the bottom of the page.

    • Note: The Edit button will still appear if the document has a status of In Progress, In Review, or Inactive.

  • Additionally, the Review Options / Comment section will show (required) instead of (optional).

    The label for the fieldset will read Review Options / Comment (required)

Using the "Review Options / Comment" form to edit

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the KB document you wish to edit. In the "Review Options / Comment" form, use the radio buttons to choose the status you would like to move the document to.

    The default selection of Leave document ##### up and set to 'In Progress' is the most common choice for this, and results in the same status change as using the "Edit" button when comments are not required (i.e. it sets the document to Active and In Progress).
  2. Enter a note in the text field that summarizes the changes you are making. Though they do not need to be particularly long, descriptive comments are useful in the future should you ever need to quickly determine when certain changes were made, without needing to go through the revision history.

    Examples of useful comments include:

    • "Updating screenshots to reflect recent UI changes."
    • "Adding note to step 5 for users who get an error message."
    • "Help desk is now the point-of-contact for support; updating contact information with their phone and email."
  3. Click Submit. On the following screen, click Edit document #####.

    On the submission confirmation screen, the edit button will be found after the review button

Attempting to bypass required comments

If you attempt to navigate directly to the edit screen without adding comments, you will see a page with the message:

Review comment required.

Redirecting to document ##### comment form in 3 seconds.

You do not need to take any action, as the redirect will happen automatically. This will take you directly to the "Review Options / Comment form for the document.

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