Canvas (Known Issues) - Canvas Current Issues

Users can visit the Canvas Current Issues page in the Canvas Community to see a list of known issues that Canvas developers are currently working on.

To see the list, go to Canvas Current Issues and log in with your Canvas Community account.

Instructure describes the Canvas Current Issues page thus:

At any given time, Canvas engineers are working to resolve bugs, which we like to refer to as current behaviors or issues. In the interest of openness, we share issues in the Canvas Labs space we have identified as high priority with a broad impact, including issues that may affect the accuracy or consistency of grades or scoring data. These issues are identified by our Canvas support team as potential concerns, even before they’ve received a single support case. However, not every issue will be listed on this page....
Please note that the Canvas Current Issues page is not a replacement for submitting support cases. Our support team helps our engineering teams prioritize bugs based on how many customers seem to be impacted. So we will continue to emphasize and ask that you continue to follow your institution’s process of contacting support, as every support case helps us identify workflows that may be causing the bug and also communicates the impact of the issue.