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Kaltura (Known Issues) - Videos Embedded in Canvas do not load for specific students across all browsers and multiple devices

Campus Kaltura administrators may get reports of individual students who can't display any videos from Kaltura embedded in their Canvas courses. This problem appears to be tied to the user account, and follows the user across courses, browsers, and computers. The campus Kaltura Administrator should contact Kaltura Support to resolve the issue; it may be related to a duplicate user account in Kaltura, which Kaltura Support can delete.


Individual Kaltura users may report that Kaltura videos in Canvas courses don't display. Instead of seeing the videos, the users see only blank space. This problem occurs no matter what browser or computer the user uses, and no matter what which Kaltura video or Canvas course is involved.

Other students in the course are able to see the videos. When you check 3rd party cookie settings, Kaltura is allowed. No ad-blocker is present, or Kaltura and Canvas are whitelisted.


The user may have duplicate accounts in Kaltura. 


The campus Kaltura Administrator should contact Kaltura Support ( to delete the duplicate account. This should resolve the problem for the user.

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