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Kaltura - Standalone Player Size (01/08/2019)

Posted: 11:08:00, Tuesday, Jan 8, 2019   Expiration: 11:30:00, Tuesday, Jan 15, 2019  

On 01/08/2019, UW System Kaltura administrators made a settings change to the default size of the Kaltura video player in order to increase the size of the standalone player.

The new default video size is 900 x 506 px. Prior to this change, the default video size was 560 x 315 px. 

This settings change only impacts videos viewed on standalone pages in Kaltura. Videos in Canvas or embedded in external sites with embed code are not impacted by this change; in those cases, the iframe or embed code overrides the default player size.

The standalone player is used in circumstances where Kaltura generates a link to a single video or playlist, with nothing else on the page. It looks like this:

Example of Kaltura standalone player. A web page showing the placement of a Kaltura video, title, and description on a blank page with nothing else on it.

Users see the standalone player in only two circumstances: 
  • an administrator has shared a standalone link from KMC Content section
  • a user has copied a Share link from a video with the Share & Embed player
This settings change impacts all UW System users who use this feature of Kaltura. No further action by campus administrators or users is needed.

-- UWSA DLE: Thomas Arendalkowski

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