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Kaltura outage 01/23/23 [Updated]

Posted: 09:25:43, Monday, Jan 23, 2023   Expiration: 09:25:43, Monday, Jan 30, 2023  

Starting the morning of 01/23/23, the Kaltura video management platform used by the University of Wisconsin System has experienced what the vendor calls a "Major Outage." Users' ability to use all Kaltura services including video playback, recording, upload, and editing appears to be disrupted. This outage appears to impact both the Mediaspace video portal and Kaltura's Canvas integration. For news and updates about this outage, see Kaltura's status page.

To track Kaltura's status and get information on current and past outages, see: https://status.kaltura.com/.

Update 01/23/23

At approximately 12:50 PM on 01/23/23, Kaltura updated their outage status to indicate: "Issue has been fully resolved, we will keep monitoring the behavior during the next 24 hours and close the incident." 

Users who continue to have Kaltura problems should report any issues to their campus helpdesk or campus Kaltura administrators. Campus Kaltura administrators who receive reports of ongoing Kaltura issues should contact Kaltura Support.

-- UWSA DLE: Thomas Arendalkowski

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