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Kaltura Admin Tool - TinyURL Bugfix 02/23/21

Posted: 18:17:09, Tuesday, Feb 23, 2021   Expiration: 18:17:09, Tuesday, Mar 2, 2021  

On 02/23/21, the University of Wisconsin System Digital Learning Environment (DLE) team implemented a change to the "TinyURL" feature within its custom Kaltura Admin Tool. The change fixes a bug which was causing links created with those tools to display videos in the wrong video player.

The change restores the previous functionality, where videos links created with the TinyURL tool display Kaltura videos using UWSA's Basic video player instead of a Vertical Playlist player. The Basic video is the same player used in most contexts within UW System's Mediaspace instance and within the DLE instances of Canvas.

The Kaltura Admin Tool allows designated campus staff from University of Wisconsin System institutions (except for UW Madison) to manage Kaltura video media on behalf of other users without accessing the Kaltura Management Console (KMC). For more information on the TinyURL feature, see: Kaltura Admin Tool - Getting Shortened URLs.

-- UWSA DLE: Thomas Arendalkowski

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