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February 2021 Canvas Release Notes

Posted: 11:03:31, Thursday, Feb 18, 2021   Expiration: 11:03:31, Thursday, Feb 25, 2021  

The University of Wisconsin System instance of Canvas held a meeting on January 19, 2021, to review upcoming features in Canvas. New features in Canvas available after February 20, 2021:

Courses - MathJax Equation Enhancements & Text Field LaTeX Characters: LaTeX equations can be entered in any Canvas text field, and MathJax is loaded if Canvas detects an equation image added by delimited LaTeX characters
Gradebook – View Ungraded as Zero: *Under Review* The Gradebook View menu includes the View Ungraded as 0 option, which is a visual change only and does not affect any grades. Administrators and Instructional Designers from across UW-System are in the process of reviewing this tool to determine if it will be enabled for our instance.
Rich Content Editor – Pretty HTML Editor: The Rich Content Editor includes a pretty HTML editor in addition to the raw HTML editor.
Gradebook - Grading Period in CSV Header: When grading periods are used in the Gradebook, the Gradebook CSV exporter will append the title of the selected grading period to column headers whose values vary based on grading period.
Gradebook - Import Override Scores in Gradebook: The Gradebook Importer recognizes and can apply changes for Override Scores. At this time, the Override Scores option is turned off due to its inability to communicate with PeopleSoft (campus SIS). This update will become relevant when that field is able to export to SIS.

-- UWSA DLE: Shane Degen

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