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January 2021 Canvas Release Notes

Posted: 09:54:30, Tuesday, Jan 12, 2021   Expiration: 09:54:30, Sunday, Jan 24, 2021  

The University of Wisconsin System instance of Canvas held a meeting on December 22, 2020, to review upcoming features in Canvas. New features in Canvas available after January 16, 2021:

New Rich Content Editor - Enforcement: Individual Universities have already begun local enforcement to ensure the least amount of disruption for their campuses.This enforcement applies to any remaining subaccounts that have yet to enable it.

Notifications – Push Notification Types end of Life: When users open their Notification Preferences page or notifications in a Canvas app, Push notifications are only supported for specific notification categories. Users can adjust their notification preferences by setting up additional supported communication channels.

Settings – Feature Option Management: The buttons to manage feature flags at the account, course, and user levels have been updated in design and functionality. This change aligns design consistency with other areas of Canvas (specifically the Permissions page) and allows admins to better manage subaccount- and course-level feature defaults.

Admin Tools – Bounced Email Tab: This change allows admins to view notifications about emails that have bounced for specific users in their account. It is currently unclear if this option can be made available to subaccount administrators, and is being investigated by UW-System.

Permissions – Course Sections Granularity: The Course Sections - Add / Edit / Delete permission has been separated into three separate permissions.

-- UWSA DLE: Shane Degen

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