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Canvas - SIS Import Error 12/14/2020 [Resolved]

Posted: 10:50:52, Monday, Dec 14, 2020   Expiration: 10:50:52, Tuesday, Dec 22, 2020  

The Digital Learning Environment Team is working with Instructure to resolve an issue which is preventing Student Information System (SIS) updates from reaching Canvas. This includes student and instructor enrollment, new courses, and new sections.

The issue appears to impact all University of Wisconsin System campuses (excluding Madison), and may have begun as early as 12/10/20 for some campuses, while others appear to have gotten SIS Imports through 12/12/20. 

The issue has been escalated to Instructure Support's SIS team, and they are working towards a resolution.

The Digital Learning Environment Team will update this KB News item as more information is available.

Update 12/15/2020:

Enrollment data normally follows a four-step process to get from campuses to Canvas (campus PeopleSoft > SFTP servers > Kimono > Canvas). Instructure's SIS team has confirmed that the issue is that the SFTP servers are not passing campus SIS data to Kimono. Instructure is working with Kimono to resolve the issue.

Update 12/16/2020

Instructure  resolved the issue late on 12/15/2020, and SIS Imports for all campuses appear to have run late on 12/15/2020 or early on 12/16/2020.

-- UWSA DLE: Thomas Arendalkowski

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