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Blackboard Collaborate Ultra (Recordings) - Media Management Process 12/01/2020

Posted: 09:56:22, Wednesday, Dec 2, 2020   Expiration: 09:56:22, Wednesday, Dec 9, 2020  

The University of Wisconsin System (including Madison) has adopted a new media management process governing how long Blackboard Collaborate Ultra recordings are kept on Blackboard servers. The new process goes into effect on 12/01/2020, and is necessitated by dramatic increases in the volume of Blackboard Collaborate Ultra recordings and strict vendor limits on the amount of storage allocated for these recordings.

Full details of the media management process for Blackboard Collaborate Ultra recordings has been moved to its own KnowledgeBase article, where it can be updated as the situation develops:

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra (Recordings) - Media Management Process

-- UWSA DLE: Thomas Arendalkowski

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