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Kaltura Service Interruptions

Posted: 14:18:53, Thursday, Aug 27, 2020   Expiration: 14:18:53, Thursday, Sep 3, 2020  

Yesterday, August 26th at 2:28pm UTC, Kaltura experienced a severe service disruption for our KMS, KAF, Live, and API services. We restored the service at 5:38pm UTC and resolved some lingering delays in entries synchronization at 9:20pm UTC.

UWSA DLE administrators received the following note from Kaltura this afternoon about service disruptions:

We found that the cause for the service interruption was related to a 300X increase in our APIs utilization which triggered DB and memory failures.

Please know we take this very seriously and I’m personally sorry for the service interruption.  Especially during these challenging times when you rely heavily on Kaltura for teaching and learning.

In order to meet what will surely be previously unimaginable demand this Fall, we have invested heavily in our new AWS cloud infrastructure.  This project has full visibility to the CEO and our board of directors. We are in the final phases of the project, as it is scheduled to be completed over the upcoming weekend, with the final push commencing early Saturday morning Eastern Time. 


You should anticipate a detailed update in the coming days as we complete our migration.

If you wish to follow the migration progress, we will post updates to the Kaltura status page - https://status.kaltura.com/

Thank you for your understanding and support as we, like you, manage our way through these challenging times.  Please know we are doing everything in our power to help serve you, your students, faculty and staff in the reliable fashion that you rightfully expect from Kaltura.



Matt Davis | Vice President  - Americas Education Team,  Kaltura

Users having trouble with Kaltura should contact their local teaching and learning support who can create a support ticket with Kaltura to make them aware.

-- UWSA DLE: Dale Johnson

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