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July 2020 Canvas Release

Posted: 15:02:37, Wednesday, Jul 8, 2020   Expiration: 15:02:37, Wednesday, Jul 15, 2020  

The University of Wisconsin System instance of Canvas held a meeting on July 2, 2020, to review upcoming features in Canvas.

New features in Canvas available after July 18, 2020:

Commons: The Commons menu includes a link that displays frequently used Commons guides.

New Quizzes: Respondus Lockdown Browser will be supported in New Quizzes.

Assignments: Limited Submission Attempts* Instructors will be able to set the number of submissions that can be made for a Canvas assignment. 

Browser: The "unsupported browser" banner will be updated to reflect the two most recent versions of Firefox (77 and 78), Chrome (81 and 83—version 82 was skipped because of the pandemic), and Safari (12 and 13). This update will affect users accessing Canvas in any browser below the minimum version requirement, including extended release browser versions. Chrome and Firefox both offer extended support release (ESR) browser versions.

Digital Skills: The Canvas Alexa integration has been deprecated. 

Enforcement changes: A number of tool changes are now also being enforced, but should not impact users, as UW-System had already opted in for each tool.

The Release Notes document http://kb.wisconsin.edu/dle/93835 includes a summary of the released features, a link to the official Canvas Release Notes, and links to the recordings from the meetings.

-- UWSA DLE: Shane Degen

-- UWSA DLE: Shane Degen

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