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Canvas: COVID-19 Ready Release 04/25/2020

Posted: 16:33:07, Friday, Apr 24, 2020   Expiration: 16:33:07, Friday, May 1, 2020  

In addition to the regularly scheduled monthly release, Canvas has released weekly feature options designed to provide immediate solutions to institutions facing COVID-19. This document will summarize the features from the release that UW-System will implement.

New and Enhanced Features

Student Notifications

User Role: Students
Students are notified when comments have been added in DocViewer. This change helps students know when their instructor or TA has added comments in a DocViewer-supported document.

User Course Access Log
User Role: Admin

The Reports page includes the User Course Access Log report. This change provides a basic account-level report that provides admins with key usage data in monitoring and reporting student online engagement.

More details about all of these changes can be found here: http://kb.wisconsin.edu/dle/99574

-- UWSA DLE: Karla Clausen

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