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April 2020 Canvas Release

Posted: 13:12:09, Tuesday, Apr 14, 2020   Expiration: 13:12:09, Tuesday, Apr 21, 2020  

The University of Wisconsin System instance of Canvas held a meeting on April 14, 2020, to review upcoming features in Canvas.

New features in Canvas available after April 18, 2020:

  • Notifications: Mute Notifications by Course. Allows users to mute notifications for a course.  
  • Assignments: On-Time Submission Celebrations* Feature option that generates a virtual celebration when students submit assignments on time.
  • Assignments: Limited Submission Attempts* Instructors will be able to set the number of submissions that can be made for a Canvas assignment. 
  • Gradebook: Assignment Header Menu SpeedGrader Link. In the Gradebook, there is now a link to SpeedGrader in the headers of assignments.
  • New Quizzes: Multiple Answer Partial Scoring. Multiple Answer questions allow instructors to award students partial credit with penalty if a student selects an incorrect response. 
  • Rubrics: Course Navigation Rubrics Link. The Rubrics tool is now a Navigation menu link instead of a part of the Outcomes tool.
*Fixed/Flex, Roles & Permissions, and Process Workstream group will determine if and when features notated with an asterisk will be enabled on the UW-System instance of Canvas.
Link to meeting recording: https://us-lti.bbcollab.com/recording/97b9a67b25284b95952abfd45f8722ad

The Release Notes document http://kb.wisconsin.edu/dle/93835 includes a summary of the released features, a link to the official Canvas Release Notes, and links to the recordings from the meetings.

-- UWSA DLE: Karla Clausen

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