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Canvas: COVID-19 Rapid Release March 28, 2020

Posted: 11:20:49, Friday, Mar 27, 2020   Expiration: 11:20:49, Thursday, Apr 2, 2020  

In addition to the regularly scheduled monthly release, Canvas has released weekly feature options designed to provide immediate solutions to institutions facing COVID-19. There are some code changes also deployed in this release. This document will summarize the features from the release that UW-System will implement.

Rapid Release changes

  • USER NAVIGATION: Mobile App Login QR Code
Students can use a QR code to log in to the Canvas Student App. This change helps students more easily log in to the Canvas Student App without having to know their institution’s Canvas URL.
  • BLUEPRINT COURSES: Blueprint Association Course Publishing
Courses associated with a Blueprint course can be published as part of the initial Blueprint sync. This change allows you to choose if you want to publish all associated courses as part of the sync process.

Code changes
  • Conversations: Concluded Course Messaging
Instructors and TAs can respond to existing conversations after a course has concluded.
  • Conversations: Unpublished Course Messaging
This change allows users to send messages to other users with supported roles in a course that has not yet been published, such as an instructor messaging another instructor in the same course. Supported roles can send messages in unpublished courses to other users with the same roles. Users cannot send messages to students in unpublished courses.

  • Course Navigation: People Navigation Link Visibility
Instructors can hide Course Navigation links in Course Settings. Hiding the People page disables the page, and any student who happens to visit the page URL will be redirected to the Course Home Page.

More details about all of these changes can be found here: http://kb.wisconsin.edu/dle/99574

-- UWSA DLE: Karla Clausen

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