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Kaltura - Depreciating TLS 1.1/1.0 encryption 09/22/19

Posted: 12:26:28, Wednesday, Sep 11, 2019   Expiration: 12:26:28, Wednesday, Sep 25, 2019  

The Kaltura video management system will be changing from the TLS 1.1/1.0 encryption standard to the TLS 1.2 encryption standard. This may negatively impact end users using old Internet browsers and classrooms using NCast lecture capture systems.

Classroom support personnel should verify that their classroom lecture capture systems support the TLS 1.2 encryption standard. Some campuses have noted that their NCast classroom lecture capture systems were not compliant.

End users can check to see if their browser uses the correct standard. Some examples of browsers which may experience issues: Internet Explorer 10 or below, Firefox 26 or below, Google Chrome 37 or below, or desktop Safari 6 or below.

-- UWSA DLE: Thomas Arendalkowski

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