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Kaltura - Video Embed Settings Updates 06/19

Posted: 14:23:29, Wednesday, Jun 19, 2019   Expiration: 14:23:29, Wednesday, Jun 26, 2019  

When embedding a Kaltura video in Canvas, video owners can choose from preset options for the video player size and feature sets. On 06/19/2019, the University of Wisconsin System made two changes to these video player options: 1) Restored the default video size to “Medium” 2) Added a new Kaltura video player version called “Simplified Player”

1) Default video size

Restored the default video embed size to “Medium” (608x342 px) rather than “Small” (400x225 px). This undoes a change made in May 2019. Video owners still have the option to choose “Small,” “Medium,” or “Large” when they embed a video using Advanced Video Embed options.

Note: Video owners can pick a personal default video embed size, and this personal default overrides the global default size mentioned above.

2) Simplified Player

If the video owner embeds the Simplified Player, viewers can access the core video playback options (e.g., play/pause, volume control, full screen), but won’t see a title bar and cannot change the video playback speed control, bitrate selector.

One instructional use case for the Simplified Player is for language learners.  Language instructors who assess a student’s language comprehension using a prerecorded video may wish to control the video playback speed. The instructor, in this use case, has created a video at a specific playback speed in order to optimize the conditions for student learning and for proper assessment. Using the Simplified Player, the instructor can be sure that students view the video at the appropriate speed.  The Simplified Player allows a student to watch, pause, and re-watch a recording, but not adjust the speed of playback by slowing down or speeding up the video.

Video owners can choose the Simplified Player by using Advanced Video Embed options. Here’s an example of a video using the Simplified Player, and the same video using the Default Player or the Shareable Player.

-- UWSA DLE: Thomas Arendalkowski

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