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Kaltura (Recording) - CaptureSpace discontinued 06/01/2019 [Updated]

Posted: 14:12:21, Thursday, May 2, 2019   Expiration: 14:12:21, Friday, Jun 7, 2019  

Kaltura has replaced the CaptureSpace recording software with Kaltura Capture, and will be discontinuing CaptureSpace in June. This week Kaltura announced that that the end date for CaptureSpace will be June 1, 2019. [Updated 06/06] CaptureSpace was disabled as planned on June 1.

End users should begin using Kaltura Capture instead of CaptureSpace as soon as possible.

To ensure a smooth transition the following actions are being taken:
  1. [Updated 05/14] The language of the Add New menu used to launch CaptureSpace from within Canvas was changed from "CaptureSpace (legacy)" to “Capturespace – retiring 6/1/2019: Please use Kaltura Capture.”  
  2. New downloads of the CaptureSpace recorder will be disabled in Canvas on May 17th.  [Update 05/17] Change was made and successfully tested. This will allow current users to briefly continue using Capture Space while pushing new users to the new recording tool, Kaltura Capture
  3. DLE Project Managers should notify key stakeholders that CaptureSpace is being disabled.
  4. For campuses utilizing enterprise installation, please update tools to install Kaltura Capture.  
  5. For campuses who utilize imaging, please make sure your images include Kaltura Capture and not Kaltura Capture Space.
This news item will be refreshed when the downloads / new installs are disabled and when the tool is fully disabled.

-- UWSA DLE: Thomas Arendalkowski

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