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Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Updates - 03/21/2019

Posted: 16:08:05, Thursday, Mar 21, 2019   Expiration: 16:08:05, Thursday, Mar 28, 2019  

Several updates have been made to the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra webconference service: ending browser support for Internet Explorer (and other browser support changes), features for monitoring users' connection quality, and additional polling features.


1. Browser support:

  • Ending support for browsers which don't support WebRTC, and require use of Adobe Flash. Depreciated browswers include Internet Explorer 11 on Windows and Safari 10 on Mac.
  • Adding WebRTC support for Safari 11 and 12 on Mac and Microsoft Edge on Windows.
  • Adding (beta) WebRTC support for users on Safari in iOS11 and 12.

2. Connection quality indicators:

Users can now go to the Attendees list to see the connection quality (internet connection speed) of any user.
  •  Excellent: Attendee can share, see, and hear everything with no issues.
  •  Good: Attendee can share, see, and hear everything with little to no issues.
  •  Fair: Attendee may experience some changes in their experience.
  • Poor: Attendee may have difficulty hearing, seeing, or sharing anything.
This can help troubleshoot issues and determine which features particular users are able to use based on the quality of their internet connection.

3. Polling

Moderators can customize questions and multiple choice answers within the Polling tool. Moderators who don't want to add custom text can leave the question and answer choices blank, and the poll with work fine.

New Polling popup for moderators, with a custom field to add a question and the text of each of the multiple choice answers.

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