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Canvas Updates - 3.11.19

Posted: 07:21:34, Monday, Mar 11, 2019   Expiration: 07:21:34, Monday, Mar 18, 2019  

* "Users - view primary email address" has been given to the teacher and student roles. * Help Menu Phone numbers redirected to KB.

Two changes were rolled on on 3.11.19

Users - view primary email address permission change: This was done in response to an approved change request for the student and teacher roles to allow access to email addresses. This permission is used by external applications to access the user’s email in Canvas via API to create the user accounts on the external application. During the testing, the testers did not see the email address in the user interface, so your end users should see no difference in Canvas from this permission change. What your users may experience is that applications like Examity and Badgr are able to create user accounts as intended. For more information, please see the full change request. Please communicate the change as appropriate at your institution based on your communication plans.

Canvas Support Phone Numbers Updates: Canvas phone support menu has been changed to use the KB. Users will be required to have a valid UW NetID to access the phone numbers.

-- UWSA DLE: Dale Johnson

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