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Canvas - Receive Mobile Notifications When the Canvas Status Page Changes

You can receive a text message on your mobile device when the Canvas Status page changes. This can be a rapid way to find out when Instructure is having service disruptions or outages.
1. Install Microsoft Flow (Power Automate) on your mobile device and log into your institution account once installed.
2. On your desktop or laptop, access Office 365 in a browser and select Flow from the apps list.
3. Click +Create
4. Click Automated flow.
5. Name your flow something that will help you remember what it is such as "Canvas Status Notification."
6. In the "Choose your flow's trigger" field search for RSS and then click the RSS that displays.
7. Click Create.
8. Paste this URL in the field for the "RSS feed URL."
9. Click New Step.
10. In the "Choose an action" area, click Notifications.
11. Click Send me a mobile notification.
12. In the "Text" field, enter "Canvas Status Change."
13. In the "Link" field, enter
14. Enter Read More for the "Link label." The end result of these three fields is that when the Status page for Instructure changes, you'll receive a text that says "Canvas Status Change" with a link to the Instructure Status page labeled "Read More."
15. Click Save.

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