Qualtrics - Universities of Wisconsin and UW-Extended Campus Qualtrics FAQ

Universities of Wisconsin administration and University of Wisconsin - Extended Campus employees have access to Qualtrics online survey software.

New Qualtrics Accounts

We have Just in Time Provisioning for Qualtrics. Users with network credentials from UWSA or UW-Extended Campus can create their own account by logging in.

Password reset

We are unable to reset Qualtrics passwords. Passwords are network passwords and should be changed with the Universities of Wisconsin. Try to login again.

Transfer of Ownership:

If the management of a department survey needs to change from one user to another within the organization, submit a help request to helpdesk@uwss.wisconsin.edu. The Qualtrics brand administrator will transfer ownership from one user from one user to another. The new owner must have a Qualtrics account.

Requesting help from Qualtrics

Click the Help button (a circle with a question mark inside) located in the upper right when logged into Qualtrics. If unable to find the information needed by searching, click Contact Support at the bottom of the help menu. If presented with a login screen, click Sign in with SSO. If accessing from the Universities of Wisconsin instance enter uwsystemadmin for Organization ID. If you are accessing from UW-Extended Campus, enter uwex for Organization ID. A Universities of Wisconsin or UW Extension login screen should appear for you to enter your network credentials.

Consulting/access to features:

If you'd like assistance from the brand administrator with a survey, submit a help request to dlesupport@support.wisconsin.edu.
Other services available:
  • permissions for a feature that our licenses include but aren't enabled by default.
  • access to a feature that our licenses haven't purchased. The brand administrator will work with Qualtrics and the Purchasing office to obtain a price quote.
  • Move an account to another institution within the University of Wisconsin System.
  • Create a new branded theme for your department
  • Restore a deleted survey or permanently delete a deleted survey.

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