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Kaltura (Known Issue) - Captions Button Not Displaying (Resolved)

Some users report that Kaltura videos captioned in early April 2021 do not display the "CC" button to allow users to turn on captions.
When a Kaltura video within the University of Wisconsin System Digital Learning Environment has captions, users watching the video should normally see a Captions ("CC") icon in the video player to allow them to display the captions:
Kaltura video player controls with Captions button highlighted.
Some videos do not display that Captions ("CC") button even through the video has been captioned.

Kaltura video player controls with no Captions button available.


This issue impacts Kaltura videos on the University of Wisconsin System (except for UW Madison) instance of Kaltura which were captioned using the Canvas integration between 04/02/21 and 04/09/21. 


Video owners or co-editors can change the captions display setting on individual videos to restore the Captions ("CC") button for their viewers. To do so, follow these steps:

1) Go to Kaltura's "My Media"

1a) In Canvas, go to Canvas > Account > My Media

1b) In Mediaspace, go to Guest > Login, then [Your Name] > My Media.

Your Name, then My Media.

2) In My Media, select a video from your list of videos.

3) In the drop-down menu below the preview of the video, click Actions > Edit.

Kaltura My Media Actions menu with "Edit" highlighted.

4) On the Edit page, select the Captions tab. 

Kaltura's Editing screen, with the Captions tab and the Show on Player button highlighted.

5) On the Captions tab, make sure that the video-player-shaped Show on Player button is selected. 

If the button is greyed out slightly and crossed out, it means that the captions will not display to viewers.

Long-Term Solution

The University of Wisconsin System Administration's DLE Team has determined that the issue was caused by a permissions error which incorrectly allowed unauthorized users to access a test captioning profile with different captions display settings than the default captioning profile. 

The test captioning profile has been removed from Canvas and authorized users have been given a different method of accessing it. Testing appears to indicate that unauthorized users can no longer access the test captioning profile.

Although new videos can no longer be captioned using the test captioning profile, existing videos which were captioned with those settings retain them. The settings of those videos will have to be individually corrected. See "Workaround," above.

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