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Canvas (Reports) - Search Content and Module Links

The "Search Content and Module Links" report is a custom Canvas report available to Canvas administrators within the University of Wisconsin System (except for UW Madison) through the BETA DLE Datasets tool. This report searches within a Canvas subaccount for Pages and Module Links which mention a particular word or URL.

This report is part of the BETA DLE Datasets tool, currently under development. For instructions on running reports in the DLE Datasets tool, see Canvas (Reports) - BETA DLE Datasets Tool

Report Title

"Search Content and Module Links"

DLE Datasets tool report selection dropdown menu featuring "Search Content and Module Links"

Short Description 

This report allows a Canvas administrator to search for a single word or URL within Canvas Pages and Module Links. It returns a list of Canvas Pages and Module Links which contain the specified text string.


This report searches Pages and Module Links within a specific Canvas subaccount and all of the subaccounts beneath it. The administrator must navigate to the subaccount they want to run the report for; the DLE Datasets tool takes its context from the subaccount you're in when you launch the tool.

This report searches only the content of Pages and Module links. It does not search other Canvas content, including Assignments, Discussions, Files, etc.

Parameter: SearchTerm

Before running the report, the user must enter a single word or URL with no breaks into the SearchTerm field. Ex: "LibGuides" or "" This report can only search for a single word or URL at a time.

DLE Datasets tool report selection dropdown menu featuring "Search Content and Module Links"

Use Cases (example) 

Here are some ways that an administrator might use this this report:

  • Identify Pages containing specific URL, such as a broken link which needs to be replaced.
  • List Pages mentioning a particular word or name, such as "parliamentarian" or "LibGuides."
  • Find pages containing a particular ID number, such as a Kaltura Entry ID.

Field list 

The results of the report include the following data.

Excel spreadsheet featuring a report with the data columns listed below.

  • Type: The type of Canvas content searched. For this report, the result is always "wiki page" or "module link."
  • id: A unique identifier for the Page or Module Link in this row.
  • CanvasCourseID: Unique identifier for the course the Page or Module Link is in.
  • CanvasSubAccountId: Unique identifier for the subaccount the course is in.
  • CourseName: The friendly name of the course.
  • TermName: Name of the enrollment term the course is in.
  • CanvasID: Primary key for the wiki pages table.
  • Title: Title of the Page or Module Link in this row.
  • lastUpdate: When the Page or Module Link in this row was last edited.
  • instructors: Names of Teachers in the course.

Data Source 

This report joins the following tables from the Canvas Data Portal:

For a description of each table and the information which could be included, see the links above. For more information, see Instructure's Canvas Data Portal documentation.


The data this report is based on is refreshed daily in the Canvas Data Warehouse, but it has approximately a 48 hour delay. This means that changes made within the past 48 hours will not be reflected in this report.

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