Remote desktop for managed computers

This is a document to describe the process of using remote desktop with computers managed through CAE resources.

The first step is to install and configure the College of Engineering VPN.  Instructions can be found here:

Secondly, you will need to know the computer that you are connecting to. To find this information, Right-click on "This PC"
and select "Properties". In the window that pops up it will be listed under the "Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings
" section next to "Full computer name". It should be something like Make note of this as
this will be necessary in later steps.

Getting your computer name

If you are connecting from a Windows computer, the software you need is already installed. For OS X users, you will
need to download an app from the App Store to accomplish this.  Search for "Microsoft Remote Desktop 10".

Getting Microsoft Remote Desktop for OS X


Open GlobalProtect, choose "" next to "Portal" and select "Connect".

Connecting to GlobalProtect

In the window that pops up, your username will be your CAE username and its corresponding password.
The first time you connect there will be a banner welcoming you to the College VPN, you can select the
checkbox on the window to never show it again but it is a good acknowledgment that you've connected

VPN First Connect

The other way to confirm that you are connected is that the GlobalProtect icon will be colored in the taskbar on
Windows and Menu Bar in OS X.
  • Disconnected: GlobalProtect Disconnected
  • Connected: GlobalProtect Connected
For Windows
Open the "Remote Desktop Connection" application.  This can be found by searching or in the "Windows
Accessories"folder in the start menu.  In the computer name, enter the "Full computer name" that you noted earlier.

Remote Desktop Connection

Select "Show options", enter "engr\caeusername" with the username you use to login to your computer replacing "caeusername".

RDP Connection Options

By default the application will use your full screen.  You can change that option if you select the "Display" tab.  If you have
multiple monitors on the computer you are connecting from, you can select the "Use all of my monitors for the remote
session" to allow you to use all available monitors.
Select "Connect", this should prompt you to enter your password.  This is the same password you use when you login
locally, your CAE password.
The first time you connect, you will  likely get a certificate error.  Confirm that the certificate name is the one you are
attempting to connect to, then you can select "Don't ask me again for connections to this computer" and select "Yes".

Windows Cert Error

For OS X
Open "Microsoft Remote Desktop"
Select "Add Desktop"
Enter the "Full computer name" that you noted earlier in "PC name"

OS X Desktop add

Select "Add User Account"

OS X adding a user

Enter "engr\caeusername" with the username you use to login to your computer replacing "caeusername".
If you enter your password here, you won't be prompted for it later.

If you would like, you can enter a "Friendly name" to easily reference which computer you are connecting to.

By default it will use your full screen, if you'd like to change that, or would like to use all available monitors
you can do so on the "Display" tab.

Once you are done, select "Add".  Under "Saved Desktops" you can right-click and select "Connect" or
double-click the desktop to have it connect.

The first time you connect it will give you a certificate error.  Select "Show Certificate" and confirm that the
name is the same as you are expecting to connect to. If you don't want to have to do this step every time
you connect, you can select Always trust" "" when connect to to
"" and you won't receive this error anymore.

OS X Cert Error

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