HelioCampus AC - Data Update Schedule (Admin & Instructor) [UW-Madison]

As of June 27, AEFIS has been rebranded as HelioCampus AC (Assessment & Credentialing). For more information, review this KnowledgeBase document. Learn@UW-Madison Staff will be updating KnowledgeBase documentation throughout the summer to reflect changes to navigation menus in HelioCampus AC.

HelioCampus AC (Formerly AEFIS) information is updated multiple times a day, from multiple data batch processes. This document explains the timing and schedules of those processes, which may help explain why some information seems out-of-date.

Overview of Data Update Processes

HelioCampus AC retrieves data from UW-Madison's Student Information System (SIS). Different data is updated at different times. Below is a list of several data updates, the timing and frequency, and which data elements are processed. For more information, please see the Guide to Timing and Impact of Batch Processes from HelioCampus AC

Aggregate Process Batch

Runs at 7:00AM and 7:00PM: This updates the course evaluation response rates during peak times.

Event Handler Batch

Runs every hour (on the half-hour). This batch updates the statuses, populates surveys with course assignments, etc. For example, a course that is not showing because it is Faculty Pending. When you publish this course, it may take an hour for it to appear to assign.

SIS Updates

Runs daily, overnight: Changes made to SIS before 4:00pm will be updated in HelioCampus AC before the next morning. HelioCampus AC typically starts the export process around 6:30 pm CT.

The HelioCampus AC import process typically starts around 2 am CT, although this timing can fluctuate slightly.

Update Assessment Results

HelioCampus AC Assessment Results are updated at 6:00AM and 8:00PM.

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